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South West Coast

Esperance - Lucky Bay Western Australia is one third of Australia, and yet only 2.5 million inhabitants (10% of Australia). Arid and desert regions in the North, fantastic coastline, gigantic trees in the South ... 85% of the population of WA occupies the Southwest, more temperate south of Perth, the most isolated capital city in the world. Isolated from the world by the geographical position of Australia, isolated in Australia by two great deserts extend over thousands of kilometers. A sporadic condition, or it is common to drive 2 hours to get to the next town in the South, see 800-1000 km in the north.

Vast territory ... So on the Southwest we spent 3 weeks, white sandy beaches of Hope, near the desert Nullarbor to Perth, the capital on the edge of the water that benefits from an average temperature of 40 ° in this season. Three weeks hitchhiking, including 7 days of hiking and 140kms on the Bibbulmun Track: What to immerse yourself in this beautiful area, get lost in the bush, enjoy a still unspoilt nature, and to meet locals.

Nullarbor Trip: Sydney - Perth

Nullarbor The train offers a line of 478kms, the longest straight railway in the world. By car, it will only 146kms; regardless of the means of transport crossing the vast desert area will take you at least a few days ... Nothing surprising for the equivalent of a London-Moscow!

The Indian Pacific had my preference, until it gets stuck in the desert because of flood ... 50 cms of water on the road to Broken Hill side, in the Outback on the border of Victoria states / NSW ended my adventure 3 nights aboard this great train.

The "no worries" Australia will therefore be proven at this time of year-end holidays and school holidays. Cape Town to Melbourne with two French met on the dock to rent a van and browse the remaining 3800 miles to reach the most isolated capital city in the world: Perth. An offer "relocation", for which the rental is $ 1 / day, but the timing is tight: 4 days. A road trip in the true sense of the term, through the agricultural and industrial areas of South Australia, the Nullarbor desert and service stations all 150/200 kms and the Outback of Western Australia road and rail trucks that transport these gigantic ore mines, making this the fastest growing state in Australia.

Happy New Year!

Sydney NYE What to do to celebrate the transition to 2010? I know who preferred the charm of Montreal, the snowy peaks of Corsica, or the crazy atmosphere of a Paris or Lille evening ... I enjoyed a picnic day to finish with a firework ...

Point appointment: Macquarie Point, the Botanical Garden of Sydney. Time: 6:00. Already hundreds of people outside the gates, the first arrived at 1am. Known as one of the largest fireworks in the world, Sydney attracts a crowd of about 1.5 million Australians and tourists (Sydney has 4 million) for the year-end holidays. Some have booked there six months a ticket to an island, the other an outdoor party, or a room in a palace overlooking the Harbour. Others will try to find a spot among the many parks, and first come, first served basis. At 6am we were 500 in 1000. 8h 9h few we were going to 2000-3000 people lining; at 10 am, opening gates, latecomers were preparing to queue for the next 6 hours!

Lucky? Absolutely! Cloudy weather which saved us a caniar below 35 ° was Australian; space available to the first 500 arrived; and super spot in front of the Opera. A Picnic day, photo, relax ... with music from the boats anchored in the bay. First lights to 21h for children, perfect to preset the unit. And suddenly the bridge at midnight ignites and Opera hides slowly behind a thick cloud of smoke. Surprisingly, no switched countdown: everyone was surprised! Would follow 20-minute show, 8 fireworks spread across the Harbour and a grand final. Stampede difficult to avoid, and my device is found perched on a lamppost to try to capture these rivers fires. Difficult exercise, but remember! And finally the living room, little night getaway the next around the Opera Bar (thought for the Tahitians ...) then from the famous bridge for a panoramic view ... We do not get tired!

East Coast - Fraser Island

Fraser Island Take a group of 50 young Swedish, English, French, Dutch, Germans, Russians, Swiss and give them something to live for 3 days, a map, and some tips to get by. Add some dingoes that ravage everything is like something edible, shark-infested sea whose currents take you off in 5 minutes, covered a range of 95kms beached jellyfish, damp wind and rain to spice the whole thing. Embark everyone on the ferry and hope that none of them will "plant" literally 4 × 4 in a sand hole after a sudden itch to right, or idea that a 4 × 4 always resist the wave. Three Japanese died there two weeks. 100% fun guaranteed!

But do not forget to enjoy the turquoise waters of Lake McKenzie, do you make a peeling by the cat-fish from the lake Wabbie, lose yourself in the middle of the rainforest, and ride in Indian Head for the top spot cliff rays swimming in the clear waters of the Pacific.

Turn the camera resting ... The sand is everywhere! The locks of the 4 × 4 do not close ... Turn the ignition and take off! Welcome to the largest sand island in the world Fraser Island.

Take a group of 50 young Swedish, English, French, Dutch, German, give them something to live for 3 days, a map, and some tips to get by. Add some dingoes that ravage everything is like something edible, shark-infested sea whose currents take you off in 5 minutes, covered a range of 95kms beached jellyfish, damp wind and rain to spice the whole thing. Embark everyone on the ferry and hope that none of them will "plant" literally 4 × 4 in a sand hole after a sudden itch to right, or idea that a 4 × 4 always resist the wave. Three Japanese died there two weeks. 100% fun guaranteed!

But do not forget to enjoy the turquoise waters of Lake McKenzie, do you make a peeling by the cat-fish from the lake Wabbie, lose yourself in the middle of the rainforest, and ride in Indian Head for the top spot cliff rays swimming in the clear waters of the Pacific.

Welcome to the largest sand island in the world Fraser Island.

East Coast - Whitsundays

Whitsundays Melbourne - Hamilton Island was 16 December 39 ° announced in the city, time for me to head to the east, towards the Whitsundays. 74 islands, culminating peaks of an underwater mountain range, part of the famous Great Barrier Reef. And the beginning of a two week trip to Airlie Beach in Sydney ...

First day in Hamilton, a small island belonging to a Resort (where the airport), which over the constructions lost its charm ... Although the tower is erected in the middle is not to my taste, I have recognize that it offers apartments with breathtaking view! People come here to enjoy the beach, cocktails, water activities, rides in quad ... the all-inclusive, where the airport just in my case. However, this is the only tour that will have offered me a 360 ° panoramic view of the surrounding islands. And take the boat in the evening is always a means of transport which I never tire.

Base in J + 1: Airlie Beach. Small town party girl, although very quiet at this time of Christmas. Some outdoor pubs, a marina, a giant swimming pool on the beach, and shops: one tourist resort cruises start around the islands. So I used the artificial lagoon (tiny but extremely venomous jellyfish in this season ...) before starting three days aboard the Powerplay, a catamaran to explore the seabed ... No photo underwater without the equipment but a simple search on the Internet will give you an overview of the fauna and underwater flora: a real multicolored paradise! Even without a bottle (I made the mistake of saying that I had asthma ...), we open wide our eyes to "fly" the arm's length corals ... In three days of the program: beach, diving , breakfast at 5 am and morning swim in water at 26 °. In the evening barbecue on the deck (and yes this is Australia!), And late night discussions watching fish attracted by the lights of the boat ... Start a holiday ...

Wilsons Promontory

Wilsons Promontory This is the flagship of Victoria! And because a mixture of turquoise beaches, rocks and massive mountain ranges are not common in Australia. 4 hours from Melbourne, to Phillip Island and Gippsland through the valleys and verdoillantes, "The Prom" as he is known here, is a true playground for experienced hikers or family weekend. Sometimes an air of African landscape, a quartz beach that squeak squeak with every step (hence the name "Squeaky Beach"), a river in the orange water ... A trail of 45kms / 3days goes around, I have to say that it would have tempted me, but he was not on the agenda of a weekend "relax" away from the city ...

Grampians Park, Great Ocean Road, Mornington Peninsula and Wilsons Promontory Victoria are the main sites, 2, 3 or 4 hours from Melbourne the disadvantage of a country as vast as Australia, is that once visited The next notable sites are a day's drive or accessible by plane ... On this point Tasmania is an undeniable paradise! But failing to return, I flew to another destination: East Coast ...


Mungo National Park Most backpackers go there to make fruitpicking, Australians and passing tourists come here to explore the Northern Victoria border: Outback crossed by one of the largest rivers Australians "The Murray River."

To get used to the distances Australian is by bus I chose to go towards Mildura. A night trip from 10, which takes you to remote towns in Victoria, with some night halts at the corner of a gas station, deserted stations, where a bakery where Meat Pies and Sausage Rolls at 3am do business of the employer.

"Mildura? What are you going to do there? "When you live in Melbourne, this is not the first favorite destination ... the remote countryside, but the campaign full of natural treasures. Arrived in the morning, I had a blast with 2h red trail through the Outback: Executive Mungo National Park, a 40,000-year old lake now dried up, become geological and archaeological site recognized worldwide. Failing to scratch the soil from Australian, I made an afternoon photo of sky loaded, sandstorm, monumental downpour before getting a wonderful time for a series of "Wall of China at twilight" . I wanted to return to the desert for a while, I found here a little piece of serenity, followed by a break in the dunes next to Perry's Sandhills. I was able to visit "Big Gum Tree", which for decades struggling against the dunes lay her little by little. An arid landscape just a few kilometers from the 'Darling & Murray Rivers Junction ", a nature reserve surrounded by the Amazons Australian. In the middle of the Outback, the contrast is amazing ...

Great Ocean Road

Great Ocean Road The beginning of the great journey with a local destination! Steep cliffs, isolated coves, national park, deserted beaches and wild ... Victoria tourist jewel deserves its name!

1 hour from Melbourne, the Great Ocean Road stretches 250 kms south of Australia, and was built after the first world war by the soldiers returned from the front. The charter bus furrow in one day, landing hordes of tourists to sunset the 12 Apostles (it misses a few days ...): the place is nonetheless breathtaking, with planted between rocks cliffs and ocean, slowly sculpted by the wind ... Originally called "The Saw and the Piglets" (The Sow and Piglets), the state of Victoria has the renamed in 1950 to adopt the "biblical" style.

Having a car is therefore definitely the best way to browse the coast to enjoy dozens of viewpoints, geological, or other walks among rainforest in the East and deserted beaches to the west. Some storms, three cloudy and stirred sea favorable playground for 3 photographers lack of pictures ...

Escapade French side Mornington

Mornington Peninsulq Sunny days are ahead of us, even if we set a new record last Saturday ... of the coldest day! The end of winter is felt, and the sun shines propels us beyond the 20 °: just enough to plan a few trips around Melbourne. The unit output and blog relives! Here is the program of September ...

A 1 hour drive you can get lost in the Dandenongs, ( see map ) hiking trails through the forest, but it's for a BBQ we went. You have to put themselves in the Australian fashion ...

However, it is along the coast, to go towards Mornington Peninsula ( see map ), we have taken a more sporting pace ... We? Yes small group of French met by chance at a job fair. And yes there was a time when we were looking for all the work, and with a bag in the colors of a French university, it is recognizable!

Place for walking along the beach and the cliffs to the ocean side, turbulent, rocky, or the peaceful quiet of the Port Phillip Bay and its blue color at sunset. The side of the Nepean Point is a strong (it's pretty rare here) abandoned after the Second World War. More history is on the beach that we discover the remains of the banks that welcomed immigrants and their animals in the 19th century ... as an air Ellis Island ... A significant change of scenery, even if 60 km from the city, it always feels. Here to join the authentic Australian bush, you have to drive for 3 hours ... it's all a matter of scale. But the scenery is well worth a visit ...

A day in Williamstown

Williamstown If there is one thing that makes the charm of Sydney, this is the taxi-boat! Cross the Victoria Harbour to join the business area or go to a park to another immediately gives a holiday atmosphere every day.

Melbourne has its rowing enthusiasts certainly, who shares the Yarra River with the City Cruise Boats. Point Harbour here. However, for a quick getaway to the day, you can jump bort a ferry that you walk for 30 minutes in the city before joining the sea to take you to Williamstown.

As much jumping two, so this is Nicole I went to see the other side of the city with a thousand faces! In 1837 was the competitor of Williamstown in Melbourne a thriving town on the outskirts of Hobson Bay, ideally located for commerce. Government services settled there some time until the Yarra River Melbourne expand and began his hours of glory. Once abandoned, Williamstown is again at the end of the twentieth century a weekend destination. 30 minutes from the city, is fun to browse Costal Heritage Park linking the historic center to the beach.

And Australia, this is how?


From the top of the Eiffel Tower, Australia is more than a dream ... Kangaroos, koalas, beautiful scenery, quality of life, beer, surfing ... Yes it's true, the Land of Oz is a bit of everything !

In fact, Australians are "cool" as we would say ... Or maybe they just like to have time for other experiences. This begins in high school when classes end at 3 o'clock, leaving everyone the choice to participate in sport, to volunteer, or occupy a small job in one of the many cafes which only the secret Melbourne . Chai-latte, macchiato, hot chocolate, from 6am till evening, the Italians have given the pace ... It may be that too usability in Australia! Whether in a pub, on the terrace or in the food court that offers "all the cuisines of the world to take away in one place," you simply say "Hi how there's going? "Your neighbor to start the discussion. But the contact will remain this good evening, although it is common to end up a "one is called and passes when you want" friendly, not friends. This is surprising at first, because we find ourselves invited everywhere ... But never has new!

Actually more than 200 immigrant communities, the friendly atmosphere is a treat! The whole world is in Melbourne, each retaining its traditions while incorporating the country up to sing their hearts "We're Australian." Multiple origins, but the same will to live together! France would the bad student? I would say we do not compare a haven whose European origins date back to 200 years in a country where immigration is only very recent in history over a thousand years.

So if Australians envy the rich history of our old France, one can envy them their diversity and openness. Here we drive on the left to please the Queen, but there are in kilometers. It was copied New York and yellow taxis, but we write the date on the European. Moreover, even if one works at the US and the Friday Wear is required, our English is British, and write "center" instead of "center" is foolish! English tourists find their Ginger Biscuits, and will delight our Pavlova, Lamington, and other Buns. Vegemite? Not sure they taste it ... When tea time is over, it's the bottle shop that we will stop before dinner. Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Shiraz, Riesling? Familiar names who come here from Tasmania, Western Australia and imaginary lands of New Zealand.

This is exactly five months that I discover every day new trais of the Australian culture, currently confined to a purely urban environment. I surprisingly found that the fitness club opened at 6 am; and disgust I ran the snack bar in the lobby ... Beers / fries / burgers after exercise ... US tendency? Maybe ... But nobody will explain why the price of gasoline changes daily, and Thursdays are the cheapest days!

Cheers Mate!

The village became a city

CBD Imagine ...

While the French made their revolution, the Wurundjeris held around the bay later named "Port Phillip." Aborigines land where tribes lived in harmony with nature; it was there 200 years.

Then the Gold Rush attracted early settlers; the village of Melbourne starting to grow, there built churches, schools, fields here and there dotting the landscape. That was 150 years ago, 25,000 inhabitants.

Melbourne became in the late nineteenth century one of the most important cities of the British Empire, acquiring the richest city's reputation in the world. Turning point at the beginning of the twentieth, the government of the new Australian federation in 1901 settled in this city of 400,000 inhabitants then.

Still growing, the Olympic Games took place here 50 years ago - 1500000 Melbourniens.

Today, with 4 million inhabitants and an area equivalent to 70 times our beloved capital, the city continues to expand. It is at dusk, when the city lights, the horizon is only starry lights, we measure the size of this city of the world, where people speak 180 languages where Buddha and Jesus are just a few among the gods 116 religions represented.

Melbourne CBD

Melbourne Golden Mile

Three letters to the Central Business District; is the historical heart of Melbourne, has now become the business district, where Victorian architecture is reflected in the glass towers. Dockland is east of CBD, bordering the waterfront, while the crowd swarming in Flinders Street, Federation Square and Southbank, place all the festivities and cultural events, close to the Art Centre and the National Gallery of Victoria .

Do not they say a picture is worth two paragraphs? So here's a black and white series to illustrate this. Welcome to Melbourne, Victoria.

Melbourne - Docklands

Dockland Wharf Welcome to Dockland!

It's time to take the series devoted to the discovery of Melbourne! A first look you were given with Bayside and beaches; walk along the waterfront, let St Kilda and go back to Dockland!

This new ultra modern district is located east of the CBD; By the Victorian architecture is abandoned for glass towers, contemporary sculptures and tourist walks along the water. You do not find on maps, the young shoot is all fresh and still developing. Between offices and apartments, shops and restaurants appearing here and there, and there is a safe bet that this area 5 minutes from central Melbourne soon draw crowds.

On the occasion of a meeting between photographers, we went on the old docks where enthusiasts restore old boats; By the Alma Doepel, survivor of Hobart, is a sumptuous ship nearly a century! Doomed to destruction, he was narrowly saved. Sea voyages of recovery in a few years ...

The docks are a remarkable panorama on the Waterfront, and it is therefore an opportunity for the Festival weekend, I took my card and explorer my lenses and my foot (include who will ... ). Sounds and lights, fire organ, fireworks and fish & chips with friends, that's good reason to survey this tourist night shift to small Mediterranean Croisette air.

Golden Nugget ...

Sovereign Hill - Ballarat A search of opportunities, so I tried my luck the time of a weekend in the old gold mines ... Victoria Point nugget, but an experience out of time in this city that made history Australia.

A 100 kms north-east of Melbourne, Ballarat has developed in the mid 19th century, attracting gold miners from Europe, Asia, and America: The Gold Rush! Happy was the one who discovered the largest gold nugget in the world: 70kg of raw gold that would trade today to a few hundred million dollars ... Ballarat is also a page of History Australian, marked by Eureka rebellion; rebelled against the tax system, demanding the right to vote and the opportunity to buy land, mining rebels were eventually killed by British troops and accused of high treason by attacking the state. This major event gave rise to profound changes in the Australian political system, to the point that it is considered by some to be the cause of democracy in Australia.

Ballarat offers the opportunity to relive his glory days at Sovereign Hill, historic city park that immerses you in the heart of the 1850 Local products are manufactured to the old mine is open to intrepid, and the kids run in walking candy before attending the parade of military troops ... The next day I went to visit the Wildlife Park before joining the city center, gem of Victorian architecture, which extends along Sturt Street up Lake Wendouree to ... well dry!

Tassie Exploration - Part 2

World Heritage Area The suspense ... But where is Alex? Would he flew to a wild destination without telling us? Would he found a job in 70 hours a week? And the end of the story then? Here it is! Le dernier volet de la trilogie Tasmane…

Après une première semaine fantastique et quelques jours à profiter du charme d'Hobart, le temps était venu de repartir en quêtes de découvertes ; direction la côté Ouest avec Kathleen, Allemande rencontrée à Hobart (une annonce dans mon backpacker) qui voulait découvrir l'île après 3 mois de fruitpicking.

(Read more ...)


australian_veteran Une petite pause dans l'aventure Tasmane (ça se dit ??) pour partager avec vous une journée historique. ANZAC est l'acronyme de Australian and New Zealand Army Corps , forces alliées des 1ères et 2nd guerres mondiales.

Le 25 Avril 1915, sous ordre de Winston Churchill, l'ANZAC débarque en Turquie pour prendre le contrôle de la péninsule de Gallipoli. Ce sera un massacre pour les troupes alliées. 8 mois de bataille et plus de 10 000 hommes tombés à terre. Le 25 Avril deviendra dès lors une journée commérorative à la fois pour l'Australie et la Nouvelle-Zélande.

Ce jour de mémoire est également à l'honneur dans le village de Villers-Bretonneux en Normandie, qui fut libéré dans la nuit du 24 au 25 Avril 1918 par les troupes ANZAC, marquant un tournant décisif dans ce conflit mondial.

Après la seconde guerre mondiale, le 25 Avril est devenu un symbole pour l'ensemble des soldats tombés durant les deux guerres. C'est aujourd'hui un jour férié, considéré comme la plus importante commémoration solennelle de l'année. A ce titre, l'ANZAC Day est le seul jour où les jeux d'argent sont autorisés, notamment les parties de Two-up , bien connu des anciens soldats. Il est également de tradition de décorer les tombes, ou à défaut les monuments aux morts, de coquelicots en papier. Chaque état organise sa propre cérémonie, retransmise sur les chaînes locales. Ce samedi 25 avril, à 4h00 du matin à Melbourne, 40 000 personnes avaient rejoint le Shrine of Remembrance pour célébré le Dawn Service , heure du débarquement à Gallipoli.

Une cérémonie est également organisée en Turquie, où un mémorial est édifié sur la plage du débarquement. Nombreux sont les Australiens à s'y rendre en pèlerinage ; cette année 15 000 personnes assistaient à la cérémonie.

Crédit photo : Mugley

Hobart, The way the life should be !

Hobart Me voilà de retour à Melbourne après deux semaines et demie sur l'île voisine… un vrai régal !

Après ma première semaine d'exploration, c'est à Hobart que je me suis arrêté quelques jours… Envie de prendre mon temps, de traiter quelques photos (c'est bon, je savais quoi faire pendant 3 jours !), et de poser un peu dans la course à la découverte que je mène depuis mon départ.

« The way the life should be » : quoi de mieux pour faire une halte ? Notez qu'il est intéressant qu'une ancienne colonie pénitentiaire adopte une telle devise aujourd'hui… Et c'est pourtant bien vrai ! Dès mon arrivée samedi 11/04, j'ai flané au Salamanca Market pendant près de 5h, entre saveurs, senteurs et artisanat local (notamment l'ébénisterie à base d'Huon Pine). Une exposition du club Jaguar (Le 50mm rend particulièrement bien !) m'aura donnée l'occasion de discuter avec un photographe local, membre du club « Peugeot-Citroën » ! Les jours suivants je me suis fait quelques macro au Royal Botanical Garden, visité le centre historique Batterie Point, mangé du chocolat (Cadbury est installé à Hobart !!) et j'ai gravi le Mont Wellington ( »Kunanyi » en Arborigène)… en bus ! Seules 3 villes au monde (Rio la plus connue, et l'autre j'ai oublié…) offrent un tel panorama, mais avec ses 1200m, c'est à Hobart que vous aurez une vue à 100kms alentours ! A moins d'être par temps couvert… au dessus des nuages !

Cette ville historique (2ème ville fondée dans la colonie après Sydney) offre un cadre de vie agréable, entre mer et montagne, où les amateurs de nature et randonnées seront comblés ! Avec 47 000 habitants en 2001, son art de vivre a attiré nombre de curieux, la ville atteignant maintenant 200 000 habitants ! Jumelée avec Brest, Hobart est également le point de départ des expéditions Antarctiques Françaises et Australes ; la Terre Adélie à 15 jours de bateau, c'est ouvert aux curieux… Les plus sédentaires pourront quant à eux rester sur le Waterfront pour apprécier un fish&chips ou tout autre poisson grillé/fruits de mer aux dernières lueurs du soir !